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Band Members

Heather Nature - Heather Thornton

Dr. Victor - Dr. Victor Penniman
ruby gamba/vocals

Michael O and The Dreaming Hat - Michael O'Shiver

Bumble Bree - Bree Plaster 

Sunny Ray - Rachel Bowerman-Deering
harmonies/sign language

Meet The Art Garden Characters!

 Heather Nature
She comes from a land of honey and bees
Flowers and trees, ocean and seas
She found a garden that needed some love
It needed attention
It needed a hug
She planted some seeds and watched them grow
Fruits and vegetables all in a row
She made some friends and wrote some songs
Now the garden is growing strong
Heather Nature will always believe
If you want to you can achieve
                                                      All your hopes and all of your dreams
                                                      Visit the garden and you will see

 Dr. Victor
Dr. Victor
He has been everywhere a man can go
Traveled far and wide through jungles and snow
He fixes the tune and bends the notes
There is no limit to what this man knows
He is the Doctor of Music traveling through time
Teaching melody, harmony, rhythm and rhyme
A friend of the garden, a fiend indeed
He knows that every idea starts with a seed

'Michael O' and the Dreaming Hat
Mr. Ike
He’s a regular guy just like you and me
His head is full of great big dreams
So full puts them in a dreaming hat
Can you imagine a thing like that?
Share your dreams and you will see
With The Dreaming Hat they will come to be

 Bumble Bree

Buzz, buzz, buzz says Bumble Bree
She pollinates flowers and blueberries
She plays the drums and as you can see
She is a very talented bee
She spreads the pollen and the word
Bees are important, haven’t you heard?
Bumble Bree is a busy bee
She helps feed the people and she does it for free

 Sunny Ray

Her name is Sunny Ray
Just like a sunny day
She brightens up the sky
With a twinkle in her eye
Helps the trees to grow
And melts away the snow
She wants the world to see
Just how happy it can be
When all the grass is green
And our energy is clean