Emmie Lou 

Hello my friends! I am happy to report that the young opossum I affectionately call Emmie Lou has been coming back for regular visits, and she is doing very well! I have been tossing leftover fruits and vegetables over my back fence for her and she has been eating it all up! Winter can be tough for any animal, so it is important to be compassionate to all living things. 
Last night I was startled by a ruckus on the front porch. What did I find when I went to investigate? Emmie Lou was rummaging through my trash! I had never seen her brave enough to come on the porch before and I scared her when I came outside. She hid under the bench as I picked up all of the trash. I had a feeling she might stick around for a minute, so I went inside to get her a dish of dog food. I put it close to where her tail was sticking out. I went back inside and peeked through the window to see her enjoying the meal. I know it’s just for one night, but she went home with a full belly. I am sure she will be back again! 

Even though she is learning to trust me, I never try and touch her. It’s important to let wild animals have their space. Opossums are really sweet animals, but if they feel threatened, they might bite! I will look forward to seeing her cute little face again next time she comes around for a visit! 
- Heather Nature


Opossum Facts 

* Since the opossum has a low body temperature and a great immune system, it is very unlikely to get rabies. 
* The opossum is a tick magnet and they eat over 90% of the ticks that land on them. 
* Opossums act as the clean up crew! They eat discarded waste that most critters won’t even touch. 
* They are gentle, but when threatened they might bite or play dead. 
* Opossums are nocturnal creatures searching for food at night. 
* Opossums can have as many as 25 babies at once!